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1 or 2 anglers, 5 hours.....$325*
1 or 2 anglers, 6 hours ....$350*
additional hours, $25 per hour

3 anglers, 5 hours,,,,,$360
3 anglers 6 hours ....$390
additional hours, $30 per hour

4 anglers, 5 hours....$480**
4 anglers, 6 hours....$520**
additional hours, $40 per hour

*Click to SHARE A CHARTER page if you are interested in sharing a trip with another angler or two.

On 4 person trips If the outing includes a young anglers (age 14 or under) or a married couple, I will take 10% off the price of the trip. In other words a husband, wife and 2 kids on a 5 hour trip which would normally cost $440 will be discounted $44.00, for a total price of $396.

1) Rates reflect the price for the whole boat. They are NOT per-person prices.

2) Five hour, six hour or longer trips are available at any time of the year. However, I recommend 5 hour outings in March, April, early May and September when the fish are likely to be found nearshore. From mid-May through August I recommend 6 hour trips or longer when the fish are normally several miles offshore.

3) There are two ways to hold a reservation firm. The preferred method of holding a reservation is to give me a credit or debit card number (such as one does when making a hotel reservation). Alternatively, a reservation can be made firm with a 50% deposit.

The credit card will not be charged (or the cash deposit kept) unless you fail to show up on the day of the trip or you cancel less than seven days prior to the scheduled outing.

On the day of the trip you can elect to pay by cash or credit card. Trips cancelled due to weather can either be rescheduled, the credit slip destroyed or the cash deposit refunded.

4) ALL major credit and debit cards are welcome on the Brother Nature.


I don't smoke, but smoking is permitted on my boat.

TEXT MESSAGE 219-819-0000

Feel free to send Capt. Mike a text message to check for available dates or specific information. Realize, the Captain's cell phone may be unavailable or in airplane mode. Capt. Mike will respond as soon as possible but it may take up to 24 hours to hear back from him. It's often better and easier for the Captain to respond to a text with a phone call or email message. If this is okay, please include your email address in the text. Otherwise, just text the date you would like to go or ask for specific information.

Contact Us!

For more information, and the latest fishing conditions, send email to: mike@bronature.com

And of course, there's the good old-fashioned way!

Brother Nature Enterprises
299N 100E
Morocco, IN 47963
Home Office: 219-394-2123


All Credit Cards welcome on the Brother Nature

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